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April 20, 2008

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2D Design with AutoCAD and AutoLISP
Video Gallery
What's new in AutoCAD 2008
AutoLISP Projects Gallery

What's new in AutoCAD 2008

    * User interface.
       The workspace contains only toolbars, menus, and palettes related to 2D drafting and
       annotation. The dashboard displays buttons and controls that are associated with 2D
       drafting and annotation.
    * Align Multileaders.
       You can align several multileader objects along a specified line.
    * Merge Data from Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.
       Information in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet can be added as columns with the data that
       has been extracted from the drawing.
    * Override Layer Properties by Viewport.
       Objects can now display differently in individual viewports in paper space while retaining
       their original layer properties in model space.
    * Reduce Visual Complexity.
       You can dim the objects on layers instead of turning them off. This reduces the visual
       complexity of a drawing while still providing a visual reference and a means for snapping to
       the dimmed objects.
    * Dimension Enhancements.
       You can break dimension or extension lines, add a jog line to a linear dimension or adjust
       the spacing between parallel linear and angular dimensions automatically or based on a
       specified spacing value.

What's new in AutoCAD 2009

    * User interface similar to Microsoft Office 2007.
       The AutoCAD 2009 ribbon provides easy access to tools through a collection of tabs and panels. Each tab
       contains multiple panels and each panel contains multiple tools. Some panels can be expanded to access
       additional tools. For some tools, the ribbon automatically updates to display context sensitive information.
    * Layer Properties Manager palette.
       The Layer Properties Manager is now a palette rather than a dialog box. This means that you can leave it open,
       auto-hide it, and dock it. You can access it more easily and layer changes occur instantly. No clicking OK!
    * SteeringWheel.
       SteeringWheel is a multi-function navigation device that follows your cursor. It's really a menu of navigation
       commands. Each wedge contains a different command: Zoom, Rewind, Pan, Orbit, Center, Look, Walk, Up/Down.
    * Action Recorder.
       Now you can record actions and save them as macros. Afterwards you can even add user prompts and
       messages or edit the macros easily. Macros are saved as ACTM files so you can share them with others.
    * Find and Replace.
       Now you can find and replace text in blocks and xrefs, and you can use wildcard characters
    * Geographic location.
       Sets a geographic location for a drawing and you can import data from Google Earth.
    * eTransmit purge.
       In AutoCAD 2009 you can purge drawings before eTransmitting them.

Video Gallery
What's new in AutoCAD 2009
AutoLISP Projects Gallery